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Those who know and love you are never surprised by what tumbles from your lips. So, when you begin spouting off even a bit more bluntly than usual over the next couple of days, which is really saying something for you, if you’re with the usual suspects, no one will blink an eyelash. But if you’re with folks who aren’t used to your rather frank, direct style? At least offer to escort them to a chair when you’re done speaking your mind. It’s only fair.

Singles Lovescope

You’re the focus of today’s universal gathering of energies, so get ready for a broad array of sweet distractions. Romantically, you’re open to new possibilities, and you’re practically irresistible!

Couple Lovescope

You’ve got to be positive and constructive when it comes to your partner today, though you might be tempted to complain about something small. Things will get better if you keep smiling.


You’re saved by the bell. Just when your selfishness is about to get the best of you, the game is over. You get to maintain your charming facade and no one is the wiser. Your image is worth a small fortune, but the real thing would be priceless. Just some food for thought.


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