Daily Forecast Capricorn 04-17


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Are you ready for a day that’s perfect for no other reason than that you’re happy to be you? Well, good. We’re all entitled to one of those days, and you of all people should be set to enjoy it. Of course, feeling this good means you really should share it with someone you care about, and the more the merrier too. Bet you know just the people to invite over. Lucky them!

Singles Lovescope

Dig deeply into the weeds, whether you’re scoping out someone’s profile or checking out different options for a date or even your non-romantic social calendar. Get into the specifics to get more out of life!

Couple Lovescope

You’ve been spending more than you can afford. Keep a budget of everything you and your partner spend to see where it’s all going, and then adjust your lifestyle to save some money.


Take a look around your home. Are the possessions you see the ones you want to slowly grow old with? If not, then let that be the fire under you to start making sure your hard work pays off, sooner rather than later.



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