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You can make people happy without even trying today. Just being pleasant to someone on the street as you pass by will make their day brighter. After all, don’t you love it when someone pays attention to you? You have to stop underestimating the amount of influence you have over the moods of the people around you. When you’re feeling sunny, share the vibe! You can make a big difference when you connect with people.

Singles Lovescope

Work is pretty challenging for the time being, but when it comes to love, luck is definitely on your side. Make time in your busy schedule for that important romantic to-do list.

Couple Lovescope

Now is the time to make your move, if you haven’t already. You’re in the right place with the right person, so you’re totally good to go.


You’ve been given lemons and it’s finally occurred to you to get up and start making some lemonade. You’re learning that your initial response to a financial setback is not the last word on it, and that’s a valuable lesson to have learned. Not necessarily worth the agony you’ve been through to learn it, but a valuable lesson nonetheless.



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