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You’ve been on an emotional roller coaster lately, and you’ve had all the fun you can stand. You may find yourself trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. Just for the next couple of days, though, stop pushing. Let the universe take the wheel and see what happens. Along the way, you could end up feeling pretty darned good about yourself — all because of someone who wants to see you as you really are.

Singles Lovescope

You haven’t thought about this particular love-gone-bad situation in a while, but today it’s weighing heavily on you. Don’t let baggage from the past affect your emotional growth. Write a letter, then burn it. It’s time to say goodbye.

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Why not channel all the emotional and mental flexibility a relationship requires into other areas and spend some time on yourself? A restorative yoga class could be just the thing to get your body back in balance too.


It would be nice to read poetry or linger over a delicious meal but you don’t have time for such pursuits. You’re all about money today and everything else seems frivolous by comparison. Sigh.



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