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Generosity and excess are dangerous qualities to tote around in tandem, and it takes a very special kind of person to pull it off. For the most part, you’re up for the challenge, and pretty happy about it, too! Still, you really need to make sure that everyone you’re near appreciates what you’re doing for them, and that they don’t just take you for granted. You should also take a little time for yourself now, just because you can.

Singles Lovescope

You’re a person of both intellect and action, able to assess a situation in a snap, then do (or say) exactly the right thing. It’s great for accomplishing things at work and even better in the realm of romance.

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In a relationship, follow-through is everything. The two of you have been tossing around some big ideas lately. Are you thinking about next steps you could take? If not, you should!


An unexpected windfall is nice but it doesn’t really make you want to kick back and enjoy the good feelings for long. Forget the appeal of random luck. What really boosts your confidence is a job well done.


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