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Are you a little bit nervous about starting a new venture today? Don’t be! As soon as you dive into today’s adventure, you will feel right at ease. Take a deep breath and you’ll know that everything is going to work out fine. Yes, seeing is believing, and it’s also reassuring. The transition you’re about to go through won’t be nearly as tumultuous as you feared it would be, so get ready for a pleasant surprise.

Singles Lovescope

Recent challenges morph into amazing opportunities as your romantic superpowers return in full force. Your strongest areas include astonishing decision-making and a supreme capacity for hope.

Couple Lovescope

You went out looking for a fight and you and your partner ended up entering a new phase of your relationship instead. While you may be slightly surprised by this turn of events, you can’t say you’re displeased.


Pretending you don’t care is not the same as staying above the fray. Your aloof attitude may fool others but it is taking its toll on you. Admitting you are hoping for a big profit is nothing to be ashamed of, even if it means getting a bit dirty.


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