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A troubled friend may need some cheering up, and you should make yourself available to them as best you can. There has been a lot of drama recently, and you can provide them with the normalcy that will help them regain their equilibrium. Spending some mellow time with them if you can. Go for a long hike, or even just spend some time talking on the phone. Give them a chance to share their thoughts and work through what they’re going through.

Singles Lovescope

It may feel quite tempting to tinker with someone else’s drama, but you need to stay neutral. Some light support is remembered long after they change their mind entirely about what they need.

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You might get up on the wrong side of the bed, but by this afternoon your personal energy’s looking lovely. Plan something special with your special someone for this evening to make the most of it.


Conservative doesn’t work and neither does outrageous. So just what investment strategy should you be using? If you could answer that one, you’d be way ahead of the game, not to mention rich. Starting thinking.


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