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It could be quite a night tonight, the kind that might go on well into tomorrow. There’s only one thing to do: pamper yourself while the sun is shining, and make sure you’ve got enough energy to keep going for as long as it lasts. If you have preparations to make, get them done right away and then head home briskly. You need a power nap, a nice long shower, and an intense cup of coffee.

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You’re pretty talkative, but that’s not the issue. It’s what you talk about that’s more the issue. Keep the conversation light. Don’t delve into heavy or weird subjects right away, unless of course your companion’s game for that kind of verbal banter.

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Your certain someone may be dilly-dallying now, right when you’re ready to really build up some speed. Rather than get frustrated, find a way to make some solo progress. They can catch up later.


People are drawn to your inner calm, so don’t let money worries get to you. Once your confidence is eroded, so is your magnetism. Don’t let something like money start that vicious cycle.


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