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Getting too obsessed about learning something new about your latest crush is not wise right now. There are other people in your life, and frankly they deserve your time and energy more than this cutie does. Pay attention to the time-tested relationships in your life. New loves or even new friendships are exciting, but do they add anything more than a little bit of excitement to your life? Call up one of your oldest friends. Remind yourself why you cherish them in your life.

Singles Lovescope

Your inner nerd is out in force now, so surround yourself with like-minded people soon. Find the brainiest stimulation and look out others like you. You never know!

Couple Lovescope

Your partner’s got a lot on their plate right now, and you might be able to help lighten the load. Offer your services. Even if you can’t help, they’ll be touched by the gesture.


You live for challenges. If you need to keep busy today, then let yourself. Spending long mornings in bed or reading the paper over one last cup of coffee just isn’t your style. Make today as productive as any other.


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