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A dispute between two coworkers or friends has the potential to get a bit ugly today, but you should resist the urge to be the mediator. You should step out of the war zone and head for cover. Sometimes when you stick your nose into other people’s drama, it gets chopped off! Instead, use your time to finish up a project. You’re almost done, and now it’s time to follow through with the boring, unglamorous final details. Just get it done.

Singles Lovescope

Is this potential sweetheart playing fair, or are they making up the rules as they go along? And if it’s the latter, why are you putting up with it? Concentrate on what you need rather than on what they need.

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A makeover isn’t just for the surface. It helps renovate your soul. This is especially true if you’ve been feeling blah lately. Use your gorgeousness for good, especially when you wow your partner.


Life would be a lot easier if there were a hidden agenda. Alas, there is none. At this point, the new rules are unwritten and unspoken simply because they don’t exist. At least you don’t have to waste time feeling like an outsider.


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