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Yes, it’s time once again for another serious conversation, but don’t run off just yet — no matter what happened last time. This talk is just about guaranteed to turn out extremely well. You two may even reach a whole new level of understanding you’d never have believed possible. If one or both of you starts rehashing the past, though, don’t let it continue for long — unless it’s along happy lines. Other than that, guide the conversation toward the future.

Singles Lovescope

Staying firmly in touch with your values now means you’re that much closer to attaining a certain romantic goal. A long talk (both serious and funny) with a friend about what you want keeps you on target.

Couple Lovescope

You think you know all the ins and outs of the situation, but your partner has a distinctly different point of view about it. How to reconcile the two? Communicate, take a break, then communicate some more.


If you’re slow by nature, then it might feel a bit odd to be in such a hurry. But you certainly want to get out of your financial mess fast. In fact, you should be feeling like a bat in Hades right about now.


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