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You can do almost anything right now as long as you can maintain focus. That includes financial issues and career plans, and it’s time for you to get real, breaking down your big schemes into small, reasonable steps. Not only should your goals become more achievable once you compartmentalize them, but you should also be much more motivated to actually get going!

Singles Lovescope

A random meeting – maybe an exchange of glances on the subway or bumping into someone new while you’re reaching for that last bunch of broccoli at the farmers market – can mature into something much deeper. Say hello!

Couple Lovescope

Even if your partner’s feeling blue, which is a possibility, you’ll find it easier than ever to have fun together. Your spirit is infectious, and they’ll respond perfectly.


Putting all thoughts of money aside gets a whole lot harder when those thoughts are worries. But if the disease is bad, the medicine just needs to be that much stronger. Go for romance today.


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