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Look out for introverted or shy folks who don’t quite know how to get into the social groove right now. They need the help of someone like you, who knows not only how to start a conversation, but how to keep people interested in continuing it! Be generous with your time and your attentions, and try to include people who aren’t the coolest — they could be a diamond in the rough. Wouldn’t it be a feather in your cap to discover how cool they are first? Don’t judge people by their appearance.

Singles Lovescope

Inspiration can be practical. Even the wildest ideas can have workable end points. Let both sides of your brain take on your latest romantic obstacle to find the best solution.

Couple Lovescope

Paying dearly for words you can’t return? Get ready to apologize to your partner or it could turn into an expensive day. Be sincere in your remorse.


Money, or more accurately its absence, only shines a spotlight on relationship issues; it doesn’t actually cause them. Keep that in mind when coming up with equitable solutions.


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