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You’re not usually the sappy type. Well, you’ll need to get past that now, especially if you’re already with someone you consider delectable. Because the heavens have seen fit to arrange a veritable buffet of romantic interludes, and you’ll certainly be able to partake of at least one. In fact, you’d better confine yourself to just one. Jealousy isn’t pretty — especially yours.

Singles Lovescope

Looking for someone to lead the way to happiness? Maybe the person to show you the road to contentment is you. Instead of waiting for a stranger to save you, be your own superhero. The answers are within.

Couple Lovescope

Figuring out where you two stand isn’t easy if it feels like the circumstances are constantly changing. Who says you have to have a clear-cut answer right now? That thought is a relief, isn’t it?


The end is near, or it isn’t. If you’re flirting with disaster then at least you should go out with a bang. Unfortunately, no one is willing to finance that. Come to think of it, you just may want to play it safe instead.


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