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Are you waiting for other people to follow through on their promises? You could be waiting a long time, and you can’t afford to. Skip waiting on everyone else and get to working on what you need to get done today. Sure, you won’t be able to do a hundred percent of what you want to do, but if you wait for other people to come to your aid, you won’t get anything done at all. Save collaboration for another day. If you want to get something done now, you’ll have to do it yourself.

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Think before speaking. It might be tempting to say it all as soon as it comes to you, but you don’t want to make a comment you can’t take back. Words are even more powerful than you realize.

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You swore up and down that this move was the right one for you two, but now that a little time has passed, you’re not so sure. That’s no problem. You live, you learn. Forgive yourself and move on.


For once it seems like fortune is courting you. In fact, it almost feels as if it’s stalking you. You’ve having a classic ‘be careful what you wish for’ kind of day. The very specter of success has you running for cover.


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