Daily Forecast Gemini 05-13


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As soon as you can find the facts you are seeking, your recent project will kick into high gear! So if that deadline is making you nervous, turn your curiosity up and get to work filling in the missing information, today. There is at least one person who has the time and the energy to help you on this quest, so don’t be shy about asking for their assistance. Make this a team effort, and you will get so much more out of it. Crossing the finish line with someone right beside you will feel good.

Singles Lovescope

Ask a relative to fill you in about some of their old dating stories. You should find both entertainment and serious wisdom in what they have to say, and the time spent together should bring you closer.

Couple Lovescope

Your actions will decide the outcome in a recent romantic dispute. Take the lead in solving the crisis with compassion.


Breaking out of your shell and running wild will have to wait. You may be feeling irritable about the last loose ends that need to be tied up but you just can’t avoid them. Force yourself to complete the task before you even daydream about moving on to a new project.



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