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You know the expression about being in the right place at the right time? Prepare to familiarize yourself with it on a very personal level, but don’t take it for granted. For the moment, it’s going to feel like there’s a veritable team of guardian angels on duty, all of whom are silently guiding you in the right direction at the right moment. In short, better listen carefully to your intuition.

Singles Lovescope

You’re busy, but you don’t have to sacrifice fun because you’re overwhelmed at work. Make a list of everything you have to do, then prioritize what has to get done right away and what can wait. First things first, then romance!

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If you need to find a way to impress your partner, enlist your co-workers or fellow students to cover for you. You’ll be amazed by what the little extra time can do for your life!


Out with the old and in with the new isn’t your wisest motto. When it comes to old money, you’re better off holding onto it. Find a different account to use for settling balances.



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