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Just when you were about to give up, you see a tiny ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds. Somebody makes your day by offering an unsolicited and life-changing opinion. You are suddenly curious about everything and everyone. Outsiders have authority in areas where established leaders dare not go. Consider taking up the profession of reporter or journalist. This could be the scoop of your life. Don’t let a single thing escape your attention..

Singles Lovescope

You don’t have to say yes to the first person who asks you out or send messages to the first online profile that sparks your interest. Take your time and wait for the person who really gets you going.

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What should you do with this excess energy? Focus on the loved ones in your life, and you definitely should count yourself as one of them! Your partner’s been urging you to take some time for yourself, so do it.


You’re too moody to focus on anything practical. You’d rather let yourself get lost in your dreams, even if they are morose ones. You’d better figure out why, and fast because there is no time in your schedule for such indulgences. Money calls you back to reality, again and again, and again.


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