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The universe has a big day planned for you, full of unexpected arrivals, surprise messages, and at least one last-minute turnaround. You may not be tickled about at least one of these situations, especially if it happens to involve a certain person you’ve been close to, but you’ll need to put on a happy face for that event and for the rest of them too. If anyone can, however, it’s theatrical you. Do it to it.

Singles Lovescope

Chance meetings could lead to great things, as long as you’re willing to take a risk. They don’t have to be scary daredevil-type risks either. Even a change of venue could lead you to someone special.

Couple Lovescope

See if you can find a way to share your good energy with Sweetie — it won’t be too hard. Start by telling them how happy you are, and see where that takes you. Life is nearly perfect!


There is nothing you must deal with today. You can spend the entire day curled up inside the house like a snail if that’s what floats your boat. Everything melts away — problems at work, concerns about family or friends and, most especially, money worries simply disappear when you turn a blind eye their way. Ah, enjoy.


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