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You could be wearing your emotions like a T-shirt today, and they’ll be the first thing others notice when they see you. Fortunately, the heavens have arranged for you to be in a wonderful mood. Unpredictable, perhaps, and unusual, for sure, but pleasant. So don’t worry about offending anyone (not that you would) and don’t hold anything back. The fans will love you exactly as you are.

Singles Lovescope

While it’s important to learn what you don’t want out of love, thinking about you do want is also crucial, especially when it comes to communication, whether online or in real life!

Couple Lovescope

You’ve got the future on your mind, though some of your ideas may be a bit impractical. That doesn’t matter. Share them with your partner and see where they take the two of you.


Las month was outrageous, and of course you thought you deserved it. Now you’re finding out if you can afford it. It’s a shame these kinds of things are always after the fact, but brace yourself.


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