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It’s the perfect astrological and emotional weather for your sign. You really couldn’t do much better, and you knew it as soon as you set your feet on the floor this morning. For once, everyone around you will be feeling everything just as intensely as you do all the time. You’ll also notice they’re operating a little more from their gut and a lot less from their desire to seek approval. See? Lovely weather, huh?

Singles Lovescope

Work may be busy, but be sure not to neglect any romantic business. You may find that kindling a little love-flames is most definitely auspicious for you. Your charisma is really flowing now!

Couple Lovescope

Is something holding you and your partner back from that one goal you know is meant to be yours? Figure out what’s tying up your plans. Once you do, you’ll see how to cut the cord and move ahead.


You want to get out there and have fun today, but you have too many obligations to enjoy yourself even if you let yourself off the hook. You have a way of forcing yourself to do the right thing that will some day win you a big payback. For now, just knowing you put your family responsibilities first is its own reward.


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