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Thinking of the bigger picture will help you avoid a lot of conflict today, so try to let the little things slide. If a cheap friend would rather pay just for themselves than split it down the middle, don’t point out to them that they’re only saving pennies. Just do it their way. And if a coworker needs you to use a certain typeface or certain color of paper for no apparent reason, just go along with them. These are not the kinds of battles you should fight.

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A situation you could find yourself in most definitely calls for a hero, someone to save the day. Problem is, you’re not necessarily the one to do it. You’re better off playing a supporting role. Be a player among players. Striving for special accolades is terribly tacky.

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Thinking about what might have been can be fun until you realize that what you have now is much better than a bunch of tired old daydreams. It’s time to pack away the past and step forward into the present.


Knowing you have the ability to come up with good solutions is almost all you need to actually do it. Confidence is everything, even if you’re the only one in the room. The key to your troubles is right over your shoulder.


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