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Part of you wants nothing more than to keep quiet about what you’re feeling, especially if it’s a touchy subject. But a much more insistent part of you (the rebellious part that wants to challenge the world with the news) just won’t have it. You’re currently doing internal battle. While neither side has officially won, you know who to bet on, and it’s not the side of you that wants to be nice.

Singles Lovescope

Argh! If there’s a right side of bed to get up on, you probably won’t be able to find it now. Best to put your love life out of your mind while you deal with finding your keys.

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Life is good for you right now, and you might want to try something that seems a little out there. Watch out for the impulse to make purchases to improve your relationship.


Being extra careful in business matters is prudent. If you’re not sure how to give yourself the time you need, you have the perfect built in excuse. Just be sure to laugh while pointing at the calendar.


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