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Spreading calm among bickering co-workers or friends will be quite easy for you today because you have some clear insight into the issue they’re fighting about. You see things the way they are, unclouded by personal agendas or emotions. Helping others sort out their differences will make you feel good, too. Your remarkable skills in terms of relating to people might jump-start a new career direction. Your ability to combine complex viewpoints with clear-headed simplicity is extremely valuable!

Singles Lovescope

Your love advice is sought by a friend who could use some inspiration. Being influential is an awesome responsibility, so don’t be glib with your comments.

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You’ve got to keep calm, even if your partner is totally baiting you. There’s no need to escalate the situation. If you keep things quiet, soon you’ll see that it’s all a misunderstanding.


Let someone else decide when to buy or sell, namely your boss. Your windfall is in doing it with as much spin as possible. You don’t have to let on that your only real plan was having luck on your side.


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