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Light a fire under your creativity and get it cooking today – by getting cooking! Whether you whip up a four-course meal or a batch of chocolate chip cookies, time spent in the kitchen creating something yummy is fun. Plus, combining a multitude of different ingredients can subtly remind you how good ideas are born when you look at a lot of different potential influences. Make sure to play some music while you cook. Nothing inspires a chef more than good tunes!

Singles Lovescope

The budding romantic energy is exciting. You and you-know-who are both beaming today. It’s incredible when that happens. The afternoon’s going to be a snap.

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Pay extra attention to what you’re saying today, lest you blurt out something you meant to keep to yourself. Should you accidently offend your sweetheart, a sincere apology will get you back on their good side.


You’re torn between feeling greedy and feeling lazy. You want more, but you won’t get it by sitting on your duff. When it comes to taking it easy, tomorrow is another day.


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