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It’s time for you to get up close! That could mean getting together with a sweetheart, a pet or a gang of friends. Whatever happens, it’s definitely a day filled with love and affection from your nearest and dearest. It’s also a prime moment to reach out and touch someone. Is there a special person from your past you haven’t talked to in a while? The odds are good they’re thinking about you right now. Why not give them a call and say hi?

Singles Lovescope

Are you ready for something really big? You may just have to wait on it, at least for a little while. As far as the small stuff goes, though, it should really add up for you right about now.

Couple Lovescope

You’re not getting along with your partner quite as well as usual today, but it will only be apparent if they’re in a pushy mood. You might need to take a moment to collect your thoughts and feelings alone.


Philanthropy may seem like the first thing to cut out of your budget, but it should be the last. There is always room to care about others as much if not more than you care about yourself. Think of that and be amazed.


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