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If you’re put in an unfamiliar situation today, all you can do is try your best. Put the idea of whether you’ll fail or succeed out of your mind. If you focus too much on the outcome, you’ll psych yourself out! Just focus on putting one foot in front of the other, and keep taking those baby steps until you’re done with this journey. By focusing on the smaller, less intimidating details, you’ll prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed. You can do this!

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You need to challenge your thinking in some way today. Art, a game, or reading can get you all riled up now (in the best possible way). Pondering what to do with someone intriguing is even better.

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You’re strong-willed at the moment, and you want your relationship to go a certain way sooner rather than later. Hold your proverbial horses, though. Forcing matters won’t help. There’s a better solution.


You are feeling the opposite of greedy. In fact, you are downright swimming in giving. But don’t overdo it, even if you have the credit.


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