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You’ve never been one to worry about what someone thinks of what you say or do. So when the urge to do something totally unusual and extremely unexpected strikes, your last thought definitely won’t be, “What will the neighbors say?” Good for you. There’s just one thing, though. If you can possibly hold off until later, you’ll have a far more receptive audience than if you act this afternoon. Even impetuous you can wait a few hours. Right?

Singles Lovescope

The opportunities for personal growth are abundant now – and so are the opportunities for fun. In fact, these two things may be one and the same. Take your sense of humor along and enjoy the ride.

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See if you can find a way to engage your partner in a light debate, but make sure you’re clear that you’re not trying to change anything too big or serious. You’ll learn a lot about each other this way.


You’ve been through so much financial upheaval that you feel a bit shell shocked. Every move required of you has you feeling indecisive. Not getting involved is a legitimate choice to make, all things considered. Don’t feel bad about waiting this one out.


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