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A little effort goes a long way today. You can spark a major transformation with a minimum amount of effort, so make a quick list of the mountains you want to climb. It’s a great time to try a far-fetched idea or even your most hair-brained scheme. Your odds of success are extremely high. Approach someone you’ve had your eye on and send them a few subtle signals. You’ll make your point without having to risk any rejection, and that’s always good.

Singles Lovescope

The single life actually suits you for now — living as you please and making your own decisions without the need to compromise is richly rewarding. Enjoy being master of your domain for now!

Couple Lovescope

Nothing’s sexier than a smart partner, especially one who knows how to show off intelligence without being an annoying know-it-all. Put your partner’s brainpower to the test on a problem worthy of a genius.


You and a certain partner are on a wavelength meant only for two. Others can watch your unspoken understanding with envy but they can’t get in on it. The two of you can accomplish anything you attempt today, so get started.



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