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Dividing time between working on who you want to be when you grow up and who you want to be when you’re with your sweetheart won’t be easy, not at the moment, anyway. You have all the energy you need to handle both departments, but you’ll have to dig to find it, and it might not come to you easily. Still, if you give it a shot you’ll do just fine.

Singles Lovescope

Your natural resourcefulness combined with the romance coming to you from the stars makes the next couple days full of possibilities. Explore all sorts of options, and pick and choose at will.

Couple Lovescope

Since you can tell that you’re right, this is the perfect time to talk to your partner about that big decision. They might not be as sure as you are, but you’ll eventually get them to agree.


Everything you need to know is beneath the surface. Like a good con artist, a certain business deal knows just how to dress itself up as something it’s not. Look beneath the surface before you commit any money. Due diligence is a must.



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