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Ever since you declared yourself off duty from being responsible for others, it’s been eerily quiet around your place. The good news is that you’re starting to relax. Now how about taking it a step further and planning some actual recreation? This stands every chance of being a great day, but only if you decide to make it happen. Call the one person you’re sure will be happy to work tirelessly on that project with you.

Singles Lovescope

Give your routine the old switcheroo. Go to a cafe across town, hit a matinee of a theater production, or get yourself out to a reading. And talk to people! Mixing it up is in the stars.

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Lucky you! Not only is your partner your romantic main squeeze, they’re also a really good friend. Tell them today how much that means to you. Even if they already know, they’ll love to hear you say it.


Plans can come in handy, and not just for their obvious uses. Keeping yourself busy is your best defense against your financial demons. As long as it doesn’t mean opening your wallet, of course.



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