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Little details will be fluttering around you today. Dates, names, addresses, and minutiae abound. But the good news is that your mind is so razor sharp right now that you’ll have no trouble whatsoever keeping track of it all. This is a great time for travel. You’ll be able to handle last-minute delays or rescheduling without blinking an eye. And you can stay cheerful throughout! After all, why wouldn’t you be happy when you can handle things so well?

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Keeping your cool might be easy for you, but others have a hard time with their emotions today. Be sympathetic without taking on all their troubles as your own. Empathy works wonders.

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Getting this couple back into balance is easier than you think. The first step is acknowledging that you’re off balance. Then next is figuring out what put you in that state of mind. From there, it’s simple.


If your schemes aren’t particularly far-flung, it’s only because your desperation doesn’t extend beyond the next week. After that, it’s smooth sailing, at least that’s the way you imagine things. You can let money bend your mind that way, but don’t let it warp your ethics.


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