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Even though you are chock full of energy and positive ideas, today isn’t the ideal time to keep expanding into different areas. Put away your travel brochures and postpone your appointment for that new passport photograph. It’s time to stick close to home base and focus on just one or two people or projects that need you the most. Your ambition can be satisfied by perfecting your technique with everyday tasks. It doesn’t always have to be pushed to discover new continents.

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Add a little extravagance to your routine. A pricier-than-usual haircut or particularly great-fitting pair of jeans could give you just the confidence and pizzazz you need to take your romantic pursuits to the next level.

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Dates don’t have to be expensive to be fun. Why not spend time talking and relaxing together at home instead of painting the town red? Besides, going out is sometimes overrated.


You’re more interested in art and music than you are in money but there is no reason you can’t have it all. Apply your creativity in the right ways and you’re bound to be both satisfied and financially secure.


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