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Your reaction time could be extremely fast today, but there is such a thing as too fast, so be very careful. Make sure that you’re only applying your swiftness in the appropriate situations. In order to make sure of this, you would be wise to think out every choice you make, carefully and methodically. Even how much sugar or milk you put in your coffee should be something you take special notice of. Going on autopilot isn’t something you should be doing today.

Singles Lovescope

You know that pal who always strikes the perfect level of flirtation? Or perhaps a coworker who’s never at a loss for a great date outfit? It’s time to learn from their examples. Observe the dating pros in your life.

Couple Lovescope

Be prepared to deal with a minor setback today. Plans you made with your partner may not go as you hoped they would. Once you get over your disappointment, start making new plans.


Why be afraid of changes? When it comes to your finances, things can’t get any worse than they already are. So if you start to sense some movement just beneath the surface, welcome it.


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