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Open up your creative senses today. You will feel a magnetic pull toward beautiful things. This could involve beautiful people, music or food. This increase in aesthetic sensibility is a signal that you’ve been letting yourself slip into a life that is too oriented around facts and worrying figures. Shift your focus away from the goals of your daily life, and allow yourself to see the beauty that is all around you. Explore new cultures and you will be rewarded.

Singles Lovescope

Not only should you make eye contact with every person who strikes your fancy, but strike up a conversation whenever possible. Don’t worry about their perception. Someone will find your confidence intoxicating.

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A little criticism goes a long way, especially when it’s delivered in the proper manner. Remember that, and you won’t feel the need to keep making the same point over and over again to your partner.


Flashlights, matches, savings — with your practical streak, you should be prepared for anything. Except you’re not. Something like romance could hit you right in your blind spot. Don’t bother getting ready.


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