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All your plans are coming together nicely, and it looks as though you’re going to have a lot of fun! The hard work is over, so you can feel free to kick back and let yourself get distracted by the silly, the inane, and the downright goofy. You can’t schedule laughter, but you can look at the funny side of things. There almost always is one! Your sense of humor is going to get quite a wonderful workout today. From knock-knock jokes to puns, you’ll find plenty to giggle about.

Singles Lovescope

It’s a great day to turn your bedroom into a love den. Deck out your bed in some soft, high-thread-count sheets. Splurge on scented candles. Install a light dimmer so you can see the sparks fly.

Couple Lovescope

Be careful when you communicating with your partner today. What seems straightforward to you may be misinterpreted by them. Pay attention to their reactions, and respond accordingly.


The bottom line tells you it’s time to branch out. The expression ‘putting out some feelers’ has taken on a whole new meaning. Responses will ultimately be good, but in the mean time, don’t let your feelings get hurt.


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