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Your selfless side needs to get in better balance with your more self-absorbed side. Have you been helping too many people for too long and neglecting your own needs? The biggest problem with giving all that time to others is that you’ll soon have nothing left for yourself. Putting other people first is getting less realistic. You have to start conserving your energy for your own needs. Start saying no a little more often. It will get easier each time you do it.

Singles Lovescope

You don’t need to hook up with anyone right now. After all, you’re the sole member of a mutual admiration society. You’re perfectly happy lolling in your own warmth, so stretch out and soak up those loving rays. But be careful. Don’t get blinded by your own brilliance.

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Light an intellectual fire under yourself. It’s time to investigate mentally and spiritually stimulating matters. Who knows? The light may burn so brightly that your sweetie will want in on the action too.


Don’t feel bad about the very characteristics that make you a success. Unless you’re actually using someone to get ahead, your opportunistic tendencies are considered winning qualities. But if you get the sneaking suspicion you’re pushing things too far, you probably are.


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