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You’re been in an extremely assertive, rebellious, and willful mood lately, especially when it comes to partners and friends. Does this mean you’re really done putting up with a certain person who’s been irritating you for some time now? Even that person who’s just reentered your life? Sure does. Just say what’s on your mind. It’s always the very best way to handle any situation, and you know it.

Singles Lovescope

Find ways to mix some pleasure with all that day-to-day business. For every ten boring emails, send a message to a crush or long-distance love. Between the dry cleaner and grocery store, hit that cafe with the cute barista.

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You may have a hard time communicating with your family today. If a phone call from home leaves you feeling a bit stressed, let your partner know. They will be there for you to offer some support.


If you can express yourself originally, then you can use your mind in other unique ways, too. Language is your ticket to financial security, at least for the day, so don’t beat around the bush.


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