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You might need to make a big decision right now, whether you’re ready or not. The universe has given you little tests and ideas along the way. Have you been paying attention? There’s a difference between talking about things and taking action to get what you really want. If you’ve been trapped in a situation that makes you unhappy and unfulfilled, it’s time to reassess what you have going for you and be extremely honest with yourself. You can do it!

Singles Lovescope

A little aloofness makes you swoon. On the contrary, your skin crawls when someone’s too available. If they have time to call you five times a day, something is definitely wrong. Feeling stifled by someone’s attention? Call them on it.

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Your schedules aren’t meshing, and that can be frustrating, but please don’t take it out on each other. There are still plenty of ways you can manage to communicate.


If you’re less than enthusiastic about what today has in store for you, it could be time to try something new. Start looking into your bank account and checking out cheap flights today.


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