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If you can manage to get through whatever the universe has decided to toss your way at the moment, which will be very interesting, you can get through anything. Whether it’s an authority figure, partner, good friend, or anyone else who throws a monkey wrench in your day, you’ll be gracious, smile, and do whatever they ask with no complaints. Won’t they be surprised!

Singles Lovescope

A hot date tonight should involve art, music or anything that your senses can really respond to. If you don’t have a date, you could meet someone amazing at that museum, concert or whatever else you dig up!

Couple Lovescope

You’re going to have a hard time pinning down your partner on anything specific today, so take care of plans yourself or put them off for some other time. They’ll be fun to chat with, though.


It’s as if you are from a different planet than the rest of the humans today. That’s because you don’t care about the same things they do, or you care too much. Whatever the reason for your alienation, you can put it to good use if you try. It’s just more grist for the mill.


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