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Your straightforward side may be sidetracked now while your mind (or possibly your heart) indulges in some fantastical stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with fantasy, mind you. In fact, it expands your thoughts and feelings and can even leak some sweet stuff over into regular reality. It’s when you get carried away that things can be a bit problematic. Ask a grounded friend for a reality check.

Singles Lovescope

Even though you pride yourself on being independent, it might be time to rely on friends for support. Call up pals who have a knack for making you feel better on the worst of days. Let them coax you back into your usual happy self.

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You might feel like you’re on your first date today. You’re so filled up with good, flirty energy that you might just pop. Your partner will certainly notice, and you might very well rekindle something warm.


Daydreaming is keeping you from seeing things clearly. You’re beginning to confuse your warm, fuzzy bailout fantasies with a real safety net. Let yourself be as clear as possible, if only to yourself.


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