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When a surge of positive thinking hits you early today, you should use it to help others. A blue friend could use a few words of encouragement, and few people deliver them with as much compassion and kindness as you. Even if you just send a silly “cheer up” message, your thoughtful efforts will go a very long way toward making them feel better. Giving to the people you love enables you to make stronger connections to them.

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If you’re determined to date at work, do it with class or you could end up without a job. Your best bet is someone in another department or location. Sure, it’s not ideal, but at least it’s easier to keep the romance under wraps.

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Everything may be fine on the surface, but a good relationship requires maintenance on a deeper level too. Ask some honest, open-ended questions of yourself as well as your partner.


Thinking about your finances should be like looking at the big picture, not the details. This is a long term commitment. In the time it takes to paint a painting, you could win and lose and win again.


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