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Break free from the pack and capture something (or someone) that is your heart’s desire. Give it all you’ve got. Holding back comes across as hesitation or weakness and just confuses matters. A rare opportunity or vital turning point is waiting for you, so make sure you don’t get caught up in anyone else’s drama. Stick up for yourself and go for what’s yours.

Singles Lovescope

In the morning, you’re feeling a little hot under the collar, but later you’re cool as a cucumber. It’s a changeable day, but one thing is for certain: the focus on love remains steady.

Couple Lovescope

The two of you are slightly out of tune, but it’s only a question of figuring out what music you’re trying to play. Rather than talking it out, spend some quiet time together. It’s the best way to sync your rhythm.


You feel passionate about just about everything to do with money, but particularly making or losing it. Heck, even financial equilibrium gets you out of your chair. If you can figure out how to transfer these kinds of deep feelings to your personal relationships, it would be a marriage made in heaven or somewhere else entirely.


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