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If you’re pressed for time today, the worst thing you can do is hurry! If you spend all day rushing around, you’ll only end up missing details, or worse, putting yourself in danger because you’re not concentrating on what you’re doing. What’s the answer for finishing everything on your list? Organization. Just relax, sort out what you need to do, and create a plan. Give yourself the time you need to deal with your stuff in a way that allows you to concentrate.

Singles Lovescope

Don’t let anger ruin your day. If you’re ready to lose your mind, go outside and take a deep breath. Someone’s watching you from afar, and an angry episode could cast you in a less than favorable light.

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Look for a unique way to express your feelings to your partner today. Have fun with it, and you’ll come up with something that makes both of you smile. Who says romance has to be serious?


Is having a day off like being thrust into an alien culture? Then you’ve been working too hard. Focus on fun, not finance, if you want your life to be truly rich.


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