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Are all of your attitudes stuck in the past? Holding onto the same opinion forever doesn’t speak well of your flexibility or intelligence. If new facts or figures come to light today, you need to take them seriously and listen without objection. Be brave enough to adjust some of your thinking and admit that maybe things have changed for you. Not only is it natural to reevaluate your position on controversial topics, it is intelligent.

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You’re all ready to leap before you look, and tonight may find you even antsier. Test the waters just a tiny bit before you plunge in. You don’t want them to be too shallow!

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If you have an important decision to make, allow yourself all the time you need to think it through. Your partner would rather wait for your decision than have you rush and make a poor choice.


If you don’t spend a penny today, you can consider it a work day, because not taking out your wallet is the hardest thing you have in store. You already know what they say about a penny saved.


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