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Today, go out and explore some territory that lies just beyond the area where you usually go. Drive a little out of your way to check out that new restaurant or mall. Be open to the unusual ideas of different cultures. They might not be right for your life, but they’re good for many other people, so there must be something of value in them, right? You’re in a good frame of mind to try more exotic foods, and the music from other countries will ignite your imagination.

Singles Lovescope

If you didn’t sleep in, you probably should have, and a nap could well be your biggest accomplishment of the day. So you’re a little slow. Relax and enjoy it. Take full advantage of your single status as much as possible!

Couple Lovescope

Making decisions comes naturally to you, but in this case you might be better off letting your partner take the wheel. Actually, it might come as a relief. You may not feel like being the one in charge right now.


The changes in you finances feel sudden, but they were a long time coming. Just because you were the last to know doesn’t mean they were out of the blue. Look over your shoulder for the missed clues.


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