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Give someone a helping hand today, and you’ll actually be helping yourself too! Remember this when you feel like you’re too busy to assist anyone. Don’t rush ahead when details need to be covered — never mind the fact that they aren’t your details! Slow down and realize that by taking time to connect with another human being, you are connecting with the humanity inside of yourself. Even giving someone a ride is a chance to remind yourself how great you are.

Singles Lovescope

That sense of freedom is incredibly fierce right now, particularly when dealing with the overbearing or the bossy. Still, the discussion, argument, or dirty fight might get kind of hot!

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It’s a great time to start on a new phase of your relationship or just to start on some new joint project together. With your energy and your partner’s ideas, you should be able to do almost anything.


Just as too many cooks spoil the pot, too many thoughts make it hard to focus. Your pot is full of new ideas and it’s time to stop anyone from tossing any more into it. Put it all on the back burner to stew for the weekend. You can decide how much money to throw into it then.


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