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You’re feeling quite a bit more impulsive than usual, so if you see something you want, you just can’t stop yourself from getting it for yourself. Remember this especially if (or when) you run across a savvy salesperson. Telling you not to purchase what you like is a fool’s errand. You want the world to see your new luxury no matter how much it costs you.

Singles Lovescope

You can play it safe or try to step out of your comfort zone now. If you pick the easy path, don’t expect much passion. If you choose the daring approach, you should meet some amazing people and possibly someone single!

Couple Lovescope

Secrets about the past come to light, but in unusual ways. Your partner says something seemingly innocuous that sparks an “aha” moment in your brain. Keep this to yourself for now.


Some things can’t be controlled. If financial loss is one of them, then financial success should be looked at with a bit more modesty than you’re used to. Now hope you have a chance to put this lesson to good use.


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