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If life were a reality TV show, you’d be the one who was most excited about the final revealing scene, the one with the surprise twist and the unveiling of the cause of all the buildup. Today is just like that, except without the creepy cosmetic surgery and weird hosts. The sweet little secrets you’ve cooked up recently are finally revealed, and everyone loves them. Plus, someone’s got a special thing or two to surprise you, too.

Singles Lovescope

Wow friends, acquaintances and potential new love interests with the power of your mind! You could join (or start) a book club, for example, or take the one-day writing workshop you’ve been considering. Engage your brain.

Couple Lovescope

Keep an open mind about anything your lover suggests today. Your willingness to try new things will mean a lot to them, especially if they were nervous about bringing them up.


There is no one to bother you today, so take the opportunity to do some deep thinking. The experience might change your mind about a thing or two, or you may realize that your opinions are already spot-on. Either way, the experience is essential to your ability to earn money.



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