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Try to spend less time talking with your young relatives and more time talking with the old ones. These people have more to offer you, and the others will be so busy with their own crowd that they won’t think twice about not getting a lot of time with you. After all, they’re your family. There will be plenty of time in the future to bond with them! Getting some unconditional love from someone who has known you all your life is priceless.

Singles Lovescope

Your energy is amazingly warm and wonderful right now, and the universe is sending you a gift of love. Why wait to open it? Get right to it and share it with one and all.

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Giving up just isn’t your style, and why should matters of the heart be any different? Find new avenues to take toward what you want. Explore all the options. Make it happen, maybe in an unexpected way.


Finances have you by the back of the neck. But even if things are looking bad, remember that you’re the one in control of the relationship. Your first personal correction is to be thriftier than usual.



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